Top 5 Reasons to Get a Food Subscription Box

Have you noticed recently how businesses are evolving to get their customers everything they need in the most efficient, effective and convenient way possible? Well, The Co-Op at 1st is no exception to that trend. We have recently introduced our new My Food Box subscription, which is a hybrid subscription box containing pre-made meals, fresh produce along with eggs, dairy and more. 


Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country – there is so much you can do here! From hiking and biking to gardening at a local community garden, to seeing Denver and learning about its rich history. With so much to do, and what often feels like so little time, the last thing most people want to do is go to the grocery store. 

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The convenience of a food subscription box like the My Food Box is unmatched, which is why you should consider signing up! There are week-to-week and monthly options for you, depending on what makes sense for your lifestyle. 


In an effort to get you out of the grocery store and into the greatness that is Colorado, we put together the top 5 benefits and reasons that you should sign up for our food box. 


1) Convenience

  • We did the math, and if you live a mile from a grocery store and are shopping for just two people, you can account for about two hours of time including transportation, shopping and putting the groceries away. Having your groceries and a pre-made meal delivered to you, or ready for pick-up, can save you at least two hours a week, assuming you’re not shopping for more people. A food box subscription is the ultimate convenience and it helps you to maximize your time. Convenience isn’t just your time though! We have all run into “writer’s block” when thinking about what we want to cook, and it’s helpful to have the brain work taken out of grocery shopping and meal preparation. 


2) High-Quality Products 

  • Have you ever been to the grocery store looking for a fresh ear of corn or a big, juicy peach only to find that your options are the furthest things from “the cream of the crop”? When you order your food through a subscription service like ours, you’ll get only the freshest produce from local farmers and partners. We try to get you the best produce and dairy products available in Colorado so you can feel good about the ingredients you are putting in your meals. Our pre-made meals are also locally made from chefs at Food Bridge who pride themselves on bringing exciting flavors and ingredients to all their dishes.

3) More time to do what you love 

  • When you live in Colorado, it’s really easy to fill your time. You can go explore in the mountains, you can go play in the city, you can hang out in your neighborhood and start a garden – the world is your Rocky Mountain Oyster (we had to!). If you add the time that it takes to grocery shop weekly, and add a night of cooking and preparing meals, you’re looking at at least 5 hours of time that you could be spending doing what you love. Unless, of course, doing what you love is cooking, in which case you should come shop for fresh ingredients at our indoor, year-round Farmers Market!


4) Expands your palette 

  • You’ve heard the age-old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, we aren’t saying that your family meatloaf recipe is broken – we are just saying that you might not want to eat it ALL the time. A food subscription box ensures an exciting variety of produce and food options like locally-grown mushrooms, delicious jams or humanely-raised meat products. It will be like an exciting surprise every time it arrives or you pick it up! If you come up with any fun recipes while using our My Food Box, be sure to share those recipes with us so we can feature your creativity! 


5) Supports Local Business

  • While sometimes the Big Box grocery stores have a little more variety, smaller markets and produce subscription boxes directly support the local economy and associated businesses by shopping small. We work with all different types of businesses from local artisans who make the jelly we include to dairy and produce farmers right here in Colorado. By subscribing to a locally-based food subscription box like ours, you are supporting your local farmers and business owners while getting all the benefits and delicious food that you can find at most big box grocery stores. 

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As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to add a food subscription box to your weekly routine. Plus, who doesn’t love getting packages when they come home from work or step outside to let the dog out? 


An additional benefit of our subscription in particular is that we accept SNAP Benefits and Double Bucks as payment methods along with credit/debit card, check and cash. Our ultimate mission is to make good, healthy food accessible to everybody. That’s also why we offer delivery and pick-up; we don’t want transportation to get in the way of you being able to eat healthy and live the life you deserve to live.


The Co-Op at 1st is driven by the mission statement that Good Food = Good Health and we take the responsibility of making healthy food accessible very seriously. Our My Food Box subscription is a great way to take advantage of our programs without having to leave the comfort of your home. 


If you are a My Food Box subscriber and you have any fun recipes to share, please reach out to us at for the opportunity to be featured on our blog and social media!