Terms: Boxes are packed on Mondays with as much fresh, local, and organic products as we can source. They are made available for pick-up or delivery between 10am-7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursday mornings, any boxes not picked up will be donated to a local food bank or family in need.
Orders placed after Thursday will skip the following week’s pickup and will be ready for pickup/delivery the following Tuesday after. 
Ex. Ordered Friday–>Skips next week’s pickup–>Available the following week.
This is to ensure our team has enough time to order product and process your subscription. After your initial payment, our team will place an automatic payments hold for one week to allow billing to be brought up to date. 
Holds and product changes- Going out of town or have friends in town? With our new billing and membership system, you can log-in to edit your box or place a hold at any time. Holds will not result in a refund, but an applied credit will be given toward future boxes. You can also donate a skipped week to a local family in need.
Cancellations-  Monthly subscriptions are discounted and are subject to a fulfillment of a full month’s term. Monthly boxes can be canceled at any time prior to renewal. No refunds will be offered and boxes will be fulfilled until the end of the monthly subscription term. 
Weekly boxes may be canceled at any time. Please note, cancellations received on Monday or Tuesday will not go into effect until the following week.
Refunds: Due to the nature of perishable food, refunds will be reviewed by management on a case-by-case basis and only offered in the case of a billing error, product loss or damage, as a result of negligence or mistake on the part of The Co-op at 1st. 
Abandoned Boxes- If your box is not picked-up and you have not called or reached out to make arrangements by the end of business on Wednesday by 7pm, boxes will be donated to a family in need of food or a local food bank on Thursday morning. Donations support families across Jefferson County and Denver County via partners at local schools, the Denver Indian Center, Joy’s Kitchen, Jeffco Eats, Jeffco Action, and Food Bank of the Rockies.