Why You Should Become a Co-Op Member

We might be biased, but we think that shopping at local businesses is more fulfilling than shopping at big box stores. You get to interact with local employees who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they sell and do and you get to support your local economy! 

Our Denver Co-Op offers a lot — a local grocery store, a yoga studio, bodywork and massage therapy and an event space. We really do have something for everyone. One of the best ways to explore our space is by becoming a member – you get exclusive access to perks and benefits. Plus, you get to feel good about supporting local and organizations/businesses working to make a difference and to empower people. 

Many people still don’t know that we offer memberships or even what a Co-Op membership is, so we wanted to take the time to explain some of the benefits of becoming a Co-Op member and why you should consider joining ours! 

First, we thought we’d mention the seven cooperative principles. 

We actively work towards making each of these principles a forefront of our organization, so we think our membership program is the perfect fit for almost every customer. But, of course, each customer gets to decide whether or not they want to join, and if they do, they get to determine

the capacity they’d like to be involved. And each member can rest assured that just by being a member, they are supporting over several local businesses outside of our own! 

Now, let’s chat about additional reasons about benefits that you might receive from becoming a member of a local cooperative (hopefully ours!)

1) Cooperatives are structured around member success – they are not exclusively for-profit organizations

Cooperatives, or what we like to call Co-Ops, are not structured strictly as for-profit entities. Many of them, like ours, are made initially to be vehicles of change within the community. Well-known Co-Ops include REI whose focus is on creating sustainable adventures outdoors while maintaining our environment. 

Our mission is all about health and wellness. For example, we want to bring healthy, nutritious, and affordable food to communities that might otherwise not have access to it. We want to empower our members by giving them access to the farmers and producers providing their food. We also emphasize creating your own food source through urban gardens, which is why we partner with Jovial Concepts on their Garden series.   

2) Members have access to exclusive events like dedicated shopping days and member appreciation events

One of the best benefits of being a member is the exclusive event opportunities you get access to! For example, all of our members get access to “members-only” shopping days and invites to all of our member meetings. In addition, we will be throwing an annual member appreciation party, which will have delicious food and drink for all of our members – alongside great entertainment. 

3) Supporting cooperatives helps support many parts of the local economy

When you shop or participate in a local cooperative, you aren’t just supporting that business. Almost every cooperative, including ours, partners with many local companies across the city and state to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties. For example, much of our produce is sourced from local farmers and producers, so when you buy from us, we get to turn around and place another order with them! 

Or, if you think about it from a high-level perspective, shopping at a local cooperative like ours keeps more money in your local economy. Between tax dollars and fair employee compensation, your dollars get stretched further and have more impact when spent locally.

4) Cooperative members often receive benefits like discounts and education opportunities

Every membership should come with some perks, and a membership to a cooperative like ours is no different! Each of our members gets discounts on every purchase they make in our store and deals on our yoga classes. That, combined with the ability to truly participate in an organization, make a Co-Op membership more than worth it. 

We have also recently introduced an education series, where we have professionals creating content around everyday tasks that are helpful to know how to do like dicing an onion! 

5) Cooperatives are an easy way to find a new community or get involved in your current one

Shopping at local stores is always a great experience because it’s more intimate than you might get at a big box store. The chances of a Co-Op employee recognizing you after your second visit are very high – we like to pay attention to things like that. When you shop at a cooperative, you get a sense of community that is hard to find at other stores. 

Whether it’s chatting up Danny, who is almost always in the store or running into that neighbor you keep passing on the street – cooperatives offer unique opportunities to connect and become more involved in your community. 


To us, the list of reasons to become a member of our Co-Op goes on and on, and we hope this helps you understand some of the benefits you might receive and what you can expect after signing up to be a member of a cooperative. 

If you are interested in joining our membership program, you can register online or head into the store for some additional help!